Our Story

We met in college and fell in love over a bowl of pasta.

Growing up in Italian households, cooking has always brought us joy - so it felt natural to pursue careers in food and hospitality. From wait staff to head chef (and everything in between) we’ve worked just about every restaurant job there is. Naturally, we always fantasized about starting something of our own and 10 years, 4 moves and a baby later - we are finally following that dream.

Before our son was born, we loved to cook elaborate meals every chance we got. Even though we were working in restaurants for a living, we still couldn’t wait to share that love of good food over our own dinner table on our days off. Then came a newborn (and no sleep). We wanted something easy, fast, delicious and, most importantly, homey - as if grandma was in the kitchen cooking for us. We tried ordering takeout from just about every restaurant in the area and nothing satisfied our craving.

So, we had a big day of slow-cooking sauce and rolling out sheets of pasta by hand. We stocked our freezer with perfectly portioned lasagnas and the idea for Zaza was born!

Our goal is to bring those authentic “family recipe” flavors into your kitchen, even when you don’t have time to cook. We focus on ingredients that we feel good about giving our little one - fresh, organic and absolutely no preservatives. Each bite is made with painstaking care, attention to detail and lots of love. Every sheet of pasta is rolled 100% by hand - no shortcuts, no machines, no compromises. This way we make sure that this is almost the best lasagna you’ve ever had, second only to your grandma’s.