The Sauce

••••• The Classic Ragú ••••• 

There isn’t one traditional recipe for "true" ragú Bolognese. Every home has their own method, typically kept close as a family heirloom. My Grandpa used to say: there are three absolute requirements for any good ragú: time, love and pancetta. There are no secrets here - just the right amount of freshly ground beef, pork, pancetta, veggies, a touch of tomato, finished with fresh herbs and spices. This is not just meat sauce - it’s a deep, savory connection to the open hearts of nurturing mothers and grandmothers inviting you to their table. An alchemical wonder passed down for many, many generations. You will not be confronted with complicated, unfamiliar flavors, but just a clean, comforting meal - and be reminded of simpler times.

••••• The Charred Veggie Ragú •••••

Sometimes we are in the mood for a comforting, hearty food, but don’t feel like indulging in rich animal foods. When we set out to create a vegetarian ragú that would complement our meat-loving counterpart, we decided that this has to be just as compelling and comforting as the original. We didn’t want to offer a half-baked (pun intended) vegetarian product just in an effort to be inclusive. We understand that folks that choose not to eat meat aren’t culinary illiterates, and more often than not, look for the quality and depth of flavor that can otherwise simply be achieved by just adding animal fat. In so many words - we were faced with a challenge to create a full bodied, dark and brooding sauce using only veggies. After much experimentation, we are happy to say that we now reach for our “Verde” lasagna just as often as the “Classica.” Our charred veggie ragú has it all - tons of filling fiber, satisfying umami from the mushrooms, great vitamins and minerals from the spinach pasta and a great energy boost from the healthy fats in the olive oil. If you are a seasoned plant-based warrior, this will become a weekly staple; and if you are a stalwart of carnivorous tradition, give us a chance to blow your mind with this vegetarian alternative.

••••• The Bechamel •••••

One of the most important markers of a wonderful lasagna is its lightness and balance. Our ragú (whether meat or veggie based) stands in the forefront offering all of the comforting flavor notes. Our hand-rolled pasta plays its part as the perfect vessel for the sauce to cling to, and a wonderful textural experience when you feel that toothsome yet delicate springiness that only great pasta can deliver. And then, the bechamel, that soothing creamy counterpart to the ragú that cuts the meaty intensity and has you craving for the next bite. This wonderful velvety backdrop that sets the stage for the star is the key that brings balance to this dish.